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Leather at Any Age?

July 30th, 2014

Emphatically: Yes! With just a few caveats…

It’s possible you’ve had other things on your mind than Autumn-Winter’s big leather trend and whether you’ll be embracing it or running for the hills. But one thing’s for sure, leather’s on the up. Leather leggings have been on the agenda for several A/W seasons now and the black leather biker jacket enjoys classic status, but landing soon will be a whole raft of new styles as the catwalk translates into real life.

So after talking to a fellow blogger Style Division we came up with a question: Can you wear leather after a certain age? Or more particularly: can you look cool in leather as opposed to like mutton dressed as lamb – minted lamb of course (leather’s not cheap!). And if there is a leather cut-off point, where is it? 40? 50? Once you become a grandmother? Or is this a size issue? You can slink about in leather at any age, so long as you’re a size 10!

Want to know what we think? We completely understand how in our youth and body obsessed culture it’s easy to feel nervous about buying into this trend. But we say this is a matter of style not age. Are you going to hang up your style spurs too? Of course not! Looking great is a state of mind not a number. You just have to work the right attitude…

There is no cool cut-off point

Make a statement

Make a statement

APANAGE Quilted Biker Jacket £195

The black biker jacket is a luxurious and lovely style investment. There is nothing quite like it to add an edge to any look – be that favourite jeans or an ultra-chic day dress. The trick is don’t go head-to-toe (leave that to Hell’s Angels), and no ripped or shredded jeans, beware too much bling in the rest of your outfit, and maybe hold back at the dressing table – perfect hair and lots of makeup are the antithesis of nonchalant biker cool. A little mussed up is sexy – and that’s exactly what leather’s all about.

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Meet the New Season Trends!

July 30th, 2014

The most wantable, wearable and flattering pieces:

The countdown to Autumn has started… Oh yes, it’s only a matter of days now before we unveil not just our new season collection, but also our own fresh new look. And we could not be more excited! Some truly fantastic trends are on the way – so here’s a fashion forward heads-up on those key looks and how we’ll be making them wearable…


 1. Into the Blue

We’ve said it before: blue is the new black, but this season and for some time to come, cobalt will be key. And who could fail to love this dazzling colour that is more flattering and youthful than black, works with nearly all the neutrals and effortlessly amps up your look. Get set to blaze a stylish trail!

Cobalt Blue Blazer

Exclusive to Gray & Osbourn

HELENE BERMAN Cobalt Wool-rich Blazer £179


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Happy Birthday to Us!

July 17th, 2014

The inside scoop on how we’re celebrating our 25th

There’s cake! Obviously there’s cake, but 25 years in fashion is a pretty big milestone so there are special events and celebrations a plenty. And since fashion is our business, one of the ways we’re celebrating is with a fabulous outfit comprising key pieces that epitomise the ageless style, impeccable quality and flattering cut our customers have come to love us for.

And who better to help us than Helene Berman, the London-based designer we’ve been working with since our very first collection and whose clothes express a simple elegance and exude a style confidence we adore.

Happy Birthday to G&O

Helene Berman exclusive 25 year outfit!

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Up, Up and Away!

July 16th, 2014

Bright ideas and hot tips for stylish summer getaways

Holidays: they’re what we go to sleep thinking of on dark winter nights, the reward we promise ourselves for hard work and hopefully, the best of times with memories we’ll treasure forever. No wonder we love them so much! And another thing we all delight in here at G&O HQ is planning what to wear. A few shiny new purchases always help the packing along, so here’s our pick of holiday must-haves – with tips from Style Division for staying cool and stylish in the sun:

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Are you 50 plus? Are you ready to become invisible yet?

June 23rd, 2014

How having Style can keep you front and centre forever.

Youth may come and go, but Style is eternal. If you never had Style, you can get it. If you always had Style, you can keep it. Luckily, age is entirely irrelevant to Style, despite what we are shown in our increasingly youth-obsessed culture. Style really boils down to confidence; the confidence to express yourself, and to view every day as your opportunity to be individual, to be a little brave, and perhaps to try something new. Are you not wearing red because someone told you 20 years ago that it didn’t suit you? Try red again, top to bottom, and see if it works! Do you avoid colour because you feel more at home and less conspicuous in black or neutrals? Fine, but please add as many bright and colour-clashing accessories as your wrists and neck will hold.


 Necklace, Statement Necklace  Mood, Statement Necklace

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Ladies Who Lunch

June 18th, 2014

Chic style suggestions for the modern woman – if she has time!

It’s a busy world. Modern life can be pretty rushed – to the extent that the concept of ‘ladies who lunch’ might seem rather antiquated. More like ‘ladies who skip lunch’ these days! But hopefully we all still have time for the occasional treat – and what could be better at the end of a book club or committee meeting, before a museum visit or just for the pure pleasure of it, than a leisurely lunch enjoyed in good company and perhaps washed down with a glass of something chilled? An event worth getting dressed for, we’d say.

So what’s to wear? Why not browse our menu of style suggestions, pick up our tips for enviable lunch style and see if anything tickles your fancy…

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Sandie’s Stylish Holiday

June 10th, 2014

Find out what’s in our Buying Director’s suitcase

“I love holidays – so much that I like to have the next one booked before I’m even back from the last one! That’s not always possible of course, but it’s a good objective, and because fashion buying is quite a seasonal business, it’s often possible to squeeze a few days in between shows and buying trips.

On this occasion, my partner and I are off to Turkey. I am very lucky as my sister has a place out there, in the pretty resort of Kalkan on Turkey’s south-western coast. So it’s very much a sun, sea and sand escape with perhaps a little bit of culture and sightseeing thrown in, and because I’ve been before I know the character and the feel of the place and will pack accordingly. Read the rest of this entry »

Favourite Fashion Buys

June 5th, 2014

The inside scoop on the season’s bestsellers

In any season we have hundreds of garments for sale but only some will reach the dizzy heights of the top seller list and just which those will be is always a subject of intense interest and speculation here at G&O HQ.

But no need to speculate any longer as there are already some spring-summer styles ahead of the field. So let’s take a look…


Prints,Sale, Seasonal Offers, Aztec Prints, Summer

HELENE BERMAN Aztec Jacket WAS £169, NOW £126

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The Summer Social Season

May 30th, 2014

Style suggestions for all your glamorous events

The whirl has already started. Last week’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show is often considered the summer season opener, so there’s not a stylish moment to lose in browsing our outfitting ideas for all your upcoming occasions – be that a British institution like Ascot or Wimbledon, any of countless local events and festivals, or a more personal celebration like a wedding or graduation.

Flowered Up

Turn yourself into a stunning floral exhibit at this year’s flower show.

Helene Berman, Jacket, Summer Wardrobe, Floral

Helene Berman Crepe Tux Jacket

Helene Berman, Floral Print, Pencil Skirt, Prints, Summer Wardrobe

Helene Berman Floral-print Pencil Skirt


Notable dates:

Blenheim Palace Flower Show 20-22 June, RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 8-13 JulyRHS Flower Show Tatton Park 23-27 July

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Blogger Style Challenge – How to Style Prints.

May 27th, 2014

How To Style Prints.

Styling prints can always be difficult and perhaps slightly daunting.

That’s why we challenged our bloggers- Josephine from Chicatanyage & Helen from ‘The Flaky Fashionista, to style the classic print duo, ‘Spots & Stripes’.

Read below for their style advice.

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